How Do You Get Rich Quick?

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Amazing, isn’t it?

Everyone wants to get rich quick. The reality is that most people who get rich do it slowly.

If you get lucky along the line and make a kazillion fast, that is a great outcome for you. But the reality is that to do so, you probably were going to do it eventually anyway, because you already had put the process in place. Malcolm Gladwell (who wrote The Tipping Point) talks about the fact that most people who become experts need to spend at least 10,000 hours involved in the topic of their success in order to finally reach their goals.

Those who become rich do so because they got expert at something, and that something led to them making money too.

Just as it takes time, effort and commitment to get on the right road to success – and then suddenly and out of the blue success finds you, so too marketing favours those who plant the seeds for success and keep on improving over time. But the key issue is that you have to start.

And… once started you have to continue. Continue not just because you want a financial result, but continue because you want to learn more about your customer, more about the environment in which your customer lives and what they aspire to achieve and what they feel…. It is the eternal search for understanding the “other” that drives success – not just financial success, but the satisfaction that comes from learning.

I love to help people succeed, and I love to learn, and its great to make money too…. as long as my clients understand that they have to make a long term commitment¬† to their own success.

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