The Upside Down World Of Web

Gary Hamel has written a piece that goes to the heart of what I believe is happening right now.

Everything that was, is now (or soon will be) the opposite.

The move in societies (and every management structure is in and of itself a society) will be away from the architecture of the past toward a new future where:

* The power of the politics in organizations will be overthrown by the power of ideas.
* The contribution trumps the credentials of the contributor
* Power comes from support by the masses, not by appointment by the few
* People do what they want to do by choice not by edict and people will choose who they do it with too.
* The things that get done, will be done because they are popular not because of a centralized planned demand.

Some people have been thinking for a while about these concepts. Most in management have no idea about them. The ones that are not including these ideas into the way that they conceptualize their roles within organizations are going to find either themselves or their organizations marginalized. I am thinking here particularly about the academic institutions in this country that have extraordinarily arcane management structures, and no concept of the web except for a few enlightened souls…

Clay Shirky touches on it in this article. Everyone thinks that things will continue to change incrementally. The reality is that there is a tipping point, when the system is no longer balanced in the way that it had been and was relied upon to continue doing. It isn't chaos that happens. It is a new balance – where the new balance doesn't favour those who didn't see the change coming…

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