Blog Visitors

I get intrigued by the stats on this blog.

And by the occasional comments to the blog, or verbal comments separately.

Yesterday I saw a comment on an article a few days back from a media and IP lawyer in Sydney who I haven't seen for some years. Good to see that he reads some of this stuff.

Today Richard McKinnon and I were talking. He got an email from a friend who had read one of his postings and assumed he was in Sydney.

Blogs compress time and space somehow. And have tremendous reach – far more than you might expect.

And the Long Tail is really quite self-evident.

Postings that are recent tend to have higher page views than those of some time ago – but every so often one of the older postings have a brief run of activity. Who knows why? Perhaps someone, somewhere searches on something and finds a story that is relevant, and tells a friend. I really don't know.

But what I do find very interesting is that the monthly page views of this blog tend to run at more than 40,000 views a month. And we are just over a year old. We get traffic from all over the world. Noticed a lot from Spain in the last month. Again no idea why…

Slow growth certainly.

Hopefully what is written will continue to prompt further discussion and bring topics that may be somewhat obscure into the public eye….


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