Welcome Perceptric Media!

Over the last year here at Perceptric, we've spent huge amounts of time and energy thinking  about 'what's next?' So many great things to do, so little real time. But the pace of our thinking, planning and development quickened in the last four months. Now, a company that we have been incubating makes its first public appearance this weekend.

Welcome Perceptric Media! And, as even more trumpets sound, and applause, (certainly around our offices) just grows and grows, welcome One Minute World! Yes, not one, but two great new entities and ideas.

Perceptric Media is a group of really, really, talented people that we have assembled who all have great backgrounds, long experience and big futures. What they get is that today's social, business and media environment is more open, more fluid, more interesting, than any ever before.

No one knows what's going to work as we go forward. But the incredible thing is that  everyone  bold enough to have an idea gets a chance to shape the landscape. The key differentiator is execution. Can a company do what it says?  Perceptric Media will. We intend that Perceptric Media be one of the companies that do the shaping. More on the team we have assembled in the next few days.

One Minute World is the first community from Perceptric Media. One Minute World is content for today. Byte size brain food. Everything you need to know, everything you want to have. Any media platform, mobile phone, iPod, laptop, PC, podcast; accessible through the internet, RSS feed, 3G; whatever, whenever.

Startups run fast. Perceptric Media is no exception. As One Minute World emerges be the first to be in touch with our releases, news, development, team by registering or joining our mailing list here.  More on the community and our plans over the next few days. 

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