RSS? What is it? And Why? A short lesson

RSS allows you to monitor information. It could be a blog, podcast or whatever. But its simultaneous. In one place. You get the latest update. RSS is a piece of code you pick up (including here) and install to your RSS reader. Your RSS reader could be My Yahoo, Feedster, Feedburner or one of a bunch of other RSS readers. Some even live on the net (not even a download). 

So? Want to track new posts on Perceptric? Simple. You give our code to your reader. Then all  the headlines, articles, or comments will be sent automatically to “your reader”. Thus, you manage your blog reading, and you could be reading 50 or a hundred blogs, in one spot.

How? RSS is a signal, a ping, that comes from a favorite blog or site and tells “your reader” that it has been updated.  Whenever the blog is updated, it shows up in your reader. Nothing new, no show up and no wasted time surfing around.

Look down the left side of this blog until you see the little MyYahoo logo. Click on that and you'll be taken to Yahoo where you can add this blog to your MyYahoo page (or add a MyYahoo page if you don't have one yet.)

RSS is just about everywhere you want it to be these days. RSS feeds are available on virtually all the stuff you care about. Want a reader? Go to Google and search on “RSS reader” and the name of your computer OS. You'll find a bunch.

Except? It's still cumbersome and difficult to understand. But, understand this; in some form, this is absolutely the future of information, on the net or anywhere else. We just have to make it easier to use.

It's automatic linkage and display of information

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