Readings – ARTS 301 Lecture 1.

If you are in ARTS301 and you have a document that you want to share with me or your fellow students please add a comment below. I will review and then incorporate the info into this post.

I will also add posts from time to time with additional readings or information resources. One such document is downloadable from the link below. You may find some of the material that I post a bit dense and oriented around business management, but if you can get into it, what you will gain is the perspective and insight of “the other”. And ultimately this course is about understanding how the ecosystem works, and as a result how you can fit in to it, and add value to it.

Minnick D J and Ireland R D, 2005, ‘Inside the new organization – A blueprint for surviving restructuring, downsizing, acquisitions and outsourcing’, Journal of Business Strategy