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The Big Screens

April 12, 2007

Phil was at Costco in Culver City yesterday. Shopping for a big screen TV. “We got a 52″ already but I think I'll take that out, and put it into the bedroom and install a 60″ on the wall.” Plasma probably. That's several K. But Costco have a $499 deal for a 32″LCD on the […]

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Ned's You Tube

April 12, 2007

Ned is 70. Conrad is 14. Yesterday they played chess for seven hours. Or so. Conrad taught Ned where a lot of the cool new chess sites are on the web. Ned and he fought epic duels. Ned also mentioned that he'd been using You Tube a lot recently. He'd discovered how “great” it was. […]

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Vquence targets Asian Media Companies

April 10, 2007

For a while we've been talking about video, China and incredible growth. Today, we bring the three together, along with contributors to this blog, Chris Gilbey (Sydney) and Chris Broad (Hong Kong). Startups need to operate across the globe right out of the gate. Vquence is running fast. Read the press release Video Search Company […]

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Games….and how roles reversed

March 29, 2007

Only a couple of years ago, a Sydney suburban EB games store, (Ashfield) told the story. “look at the footage for Nintendo; shrinking” the manager said. ” There's nothing. No new games. No new products”. Sony wishes that were true today. Since then Nintendo has brought out the DS and the Wii……… Ah, the DS, […]

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Vquence Debuts

March 19, 2007

It's no surprise we like video. It's the future. So good news. Today we announce a heavyweight contender launching into the video arena. We know it remakes content on the web. Why? Chris Gilbey founded it with a very fine technology thinker, Silvia Pfeiffer. The company went public today in Sydney and Santa Monica. Read […]

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Viacom and You Tube.

March 16, 2007

Viacom hit YouTube with a billion dollar law suit this week. Summer Redstone's other property, CBS did a deal with YouTube this week. Deduction? Viacom is aiming to squeeze Google for cash to carry Viacom show video. But if they don't? Then Viacom will suffer, denied access to the biggest video marketplace in the world. […]

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The BBC brand

February 15, 2007

The BBC gets it. Or someone does.searching for a fruitcake recipe there was this;  h2g2.  “h2g2 is an unconventional guide to life, the universe, and everything, an encyclopedic project where entries are written by people from all over the world. h2g2 was launched in April 1999, and the BBC took over the running of the […]

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Sony's porn dilemna

January 22, 2007

Sony say they won't burn Blu-ray movies for the porn industry. That's extremely ethical.  Porn film makers are now trying to find other manufacturers to burn the high def discs. Or they will use HD-DVD. It's an interesting problem. Blu-ray is in a death fight with HD-DVD over market acceptance.Blu-Ray mayn be better but costs […]

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Internet content booms

January 22, 2007

Finally. Think digital. Most digital content will be distributed over the Internet soon. Music  has lead the way, now 2007, its TV and movies. eMarketer forecasts say US consumers will increase by a factor of 6 their  internet music, movie and TV consumption from $1.3 billion in 2005 to $7.8 billion in 2010. iTunes was […]

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the i Phone

January 20, 2007

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