I am producing the AdBioFab conference again. It will be at the Sydney Business School on December 18th.

If you are interested in attending visit the AdBioFab website to find out more or to register. If you are a regular reader of this blog and want a complimentary pass for the conference add a comment to this post with your details and I will contact the first 2 people to arrange complimentary registration.

AdBioFab will focus on the opportunities in the medical device sector that arise from the development of new ‘smart’ materials (including new sensor technologies), 3D printing, and the growing aging demographic. The acceleration of the size of the population that is over 60 years old, combined with their high discretionary spending capability, and their personal interest in curative/restorative medical solutions is the key market pull. When you add the development of new nanomaterials and the ability to manufacture on demand you have the means. Then add social networking and mobile devices and you get a volatile mix…. That is where the conference goes. It then sets the scene for what will happen next – which is not the subject of the current conference. You can’t get to the next part of the discussion without the information in the conference.

This is where the story evolves:  Once you have the means and the market, then you have the potential to imagine and to deliver on a whole different scale. Because once you have the tools that we now have you also  have the means to not just restore, but to enhance.

While one demographic is being tattooed on the outside, another, older demographic, is starting to be modified on the inside: cognitive enhancement through pharmaceuticals like modafinil and ritalin at the moment, and via wearable biofeedback devices that will produce results by stimulating the precise neural systems necessary to increase memory, brain acuity etc.

And then next, every other part of the body…. where art, science and engineering ability are all working together to fulfill human desire. Will it be driven by altruism, self-interest, community, and how much will the networked brain be the key to how we evolve?


Schism (Photo credit: Michael Connell)


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