Google: The New Weed Killer

WikiWorld comic based on article about Disrupt...

WikiWorld comic based on article about Disruptive Technology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Google is a transformative technology, of that there is no doubt. However its ability to effect change are creating some unforeseen business impact.

I was talking to someone on the weekend who has some keen insights into the ecosystem of grass… Yes that’s right – that cash crop that everyone knows is at the heart of many economies but which no one will admit any personal knowledge of.

He was telling me that supply is drying up because of the improved resolution of Google Maps which is aiding the police in improving their productivity. Apparently the improved resolution means that the police can use Google to search a landscape looking for pattern changes in rural growing areas that are indicated by: irrigation systems, changes to game paths through bushland, etc. Once identified, they send in choppers with thermal imaging capabilities…

It shouldn’t be remarkable that disruptive technologies not only disrupt legitimate businesses such as P2P disrupting the music business, but also disrupt established supply chains in illicit businesses! However I thought it was an interesting twist.


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