Is Face Book Becoming A Competition?

Over the last few weeks, perhaps a month, I have noticed Face Book morphing into something that is quite interesting…

There are a number of quite distinct groups of people that seem to form the community, well my community anyway.

This observation is based on the News Feed feature…

The largest grouping of users (friends) is not surprisingly silent. There are relatively few, if any, status changes, and relatively little information of any kind.

I would say that this group represents probably about 75% of my FB friends.

But the remaining 20-25% is phenomenal.

This group is split into several sub-groups and is extraordinarily hyper-active when it comes to posting status reports, connecting their twitter feeds into FB feeds and generally sharing their thoughts.

The sub-groups comprises a very small number who are commercially in the game… Like Paul Cashmere, with his Undercover Media Service, whose business is the landing page behind his postings. It doesn't bother me that Paul has figured out a way to monetize his visibility in Face Book because he actually provides quite a useful service when it comes to up to the minute news about the music business.

Then there are people like Cameron Reilly, who runs his Twitter conversations across his whole network and is a rapid fire poster who really groks the technology and has never had a problem with pushing his own particular political point of view…

And then there is the largest proportion of the 20% which is people whose primary agenda is to use Face Book as a small megaphone to communicate what they are doing that they think should be known. They promote their favourite remixers, the star signs that they think are important right now, the stories behind the news….

But this last group is becoming more vocal every day. The people in it seem to be posting more stories, more often, and in turn there are seem to be more people generating more comments than ever before too. This group seems to be seriously aware and engaged with the whole concept of sharing stories beyond one network and into the next and in fact competing to get the biggest stories shared and to build the importance of the memes that they care about.

When you think of the fact that Face Book is still totally in its infancy and that its power to rapidly transmit memes is still universally untried, you have to wonder where this is heading, this idea of rapidly growing groups of “friends” who are consciously taking ideas, curating them, and then communicating them.

We have already seen the phenomena of capturing stories on mobile phones and communicating them via YouTube and seeing them getting picked up by main stream media. What we haven't seen yet is the concept of flash mobs being made virtual, where a substantial group of people become highly knowledgeable about a piece of critical information and act on it…. Something beyond Get Up which is centrally controlled, that takes the idea of the individual and supercharges it – directing energy against corporations that do evil for instance….

The competition to spread ideas is just beginning.

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