Commercialization Australia

According to the Commercialization Australia website there is support funding being offered by the Federal Government as follows:

Commercialisation Australia will give successful applicants access to:

  • Specialist advice and services to build the skills, knowledge and linkages necessary to successfully commercialise their ideas
  • Funding of up to $250,000 for proof of concept activities
  • Funding up to $2 million for early stage commercialisation activities.

Successful applicants will be assigned a Case Manager for the
duration of their involvement with Commercialisation Australia. The
Case Manager will partner with the successful applicant, assessing its
needs and monitoring their progress.

The Case Manager will be responsible for linking the successful
applicant with a group of volunteer mentors -people with 'hands-on'
experience in the various aspects of the commercialisation process.

The Comet Grant scheme is now effectively at an end, and this is the replacement. I am interested to see how it will work in reality. I like the idea that a Case Manager and Mentor is assigned to a project. And when you look at the criteria for Case Managers it appears that what they are looking for is people who have actually worked at the coal face. The only problem is that the salary on offer is pretty small for what is required ($175k per annum) – be hard to get a decent sales guy for that sort of money these days. So I am a little confused as to what they are actually going to end up with…

Not sure whether the Mentor Volunteers are to be remunerated or are to provide their input purely on a charitable basis.

As more information comes to hand I will be blogging it here.

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