Do we need a Wiki Newspaper?


At Uni, I read Economics. With Social Networking being such a
large part of current online lives, I wish I had also read for a degree in Sociology
or at least Anthropology.


Economists are rapidly becoming irrelevant as the mainstays
of popular thinking on the correct way to run an economy.


There are too many economists, each convinced they have the solution.
Me? I have decided that there isn’t a sane solution.

It's almost like the left and right of politics. Whom is right?


Recently, I was watching a movie and one of the characters
said: “You have to destroy the world before you can create a better new world.”


Well, I personally think that destroying everything that we
have built up over the last hundred years is a bit extreme, but it would
certainly not hurt to take a careful look at some of our accepted systems and
beliefs and maybe tweaking some of the methodologies.


The social nature of the Internet is allowing everyone to
comment about everything.

The masses no longer depend on the editorial viewpoint of
Mr. X or Mr. Y.


Unfortunately, Twitter, the Blogsphere and Facebook just don’t
actually guarantee to deliver the facts.


The difference between anecdotal and empirical can be months
and years of research; testing and finally delivering the proof.


X=Y because we tested A through W and Z and only X could
equal Y; has a much better chance of being correct than, well the top of the X
looks like the top of the Y so X must equal Y.


Yet it is a similar disregard for empirical evidence that
confronts us daily via our social network tools.


Tom said the world was round, I know Tom and like to read
his stuff, therefore the world is round.


There is a requirement for filtering content so that a
differentiation can be made between the personal referral data map and the
factually correct AND personally referred data map.


Wikipedia have managed to present an almost accurate
empirical reference Global research tool.


It is accepted by researchers worldwide as an appropriate starting
point for almost any area of interest.


Possibly, before we throw Journalist’s and Newspapers out
the window as not required in the future, we could in fact consider a daily
global digital newspaper edited by millions of editors.


WIKI-NEWS brought to you by AAP and edited by [People that
are listed as friends on your Facebook] Tom, Harry, Jenny, Pete, Suzy & Catherine.


Imagine a News source that was real-time with articles being
edited, corrected and updated globally, by people you know. Accuracy AND personal reference.


Worthwhile pondering….


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