So, as an Artist You Want a make a Living on the Internet?


Well believe it or not, it’s not hard.


Let me give you (for free) the benefit of the twenty-six
years of online activity observation that I have undertaken.


Lets first analyse why success on the Internet can be yours,
without selling your soul to the content companies.


There are three billion plus people on the internet.

There are 109.5 million internet sites.


That means that without almost any effort, statistically
there are about 27 people just waiting for you right now on the net.


I am a strong believer in the 3% selling rule. That is, if
you approach 100 people in a mall to sell an item that is reasonably priced and
somewhat useful, let’s say, a purple widget opener, then you will get three


If you add some gold trim, you might get to five customers
and if you give away a Holiday in Bali
to every millionth customer you might get to five point five customers.


So, if you were to approach everyone on the internet with
your unique “copyrighted” artistic offering, priced at one dollar, the three
percent rule dictates that you would automatically sell$ 90,000,000 million
dollars worth of product.


Wow Koltai, everyone could become an instant millionaire.


Yep, like I said, it ain’t hard.


Ummm, Koltai….




How do I reach the three billion internet users?


Ahhh. Well you need a plan.


I would suggest that first you put up your own webpage. Go-daddy
is a company that have made it easy.

They will register your domain name for various deals from
1.99 through to 19.99 which includes a (sponsored) web page hosting for twelve


Then you post your content and wait for success.


Well, that’s what most people do, but if you truly want to
reach the maximum number of people, you have to get that ranking off the 24
million mark and get it too move upwards,




Well, I have noticed that regularly new content placement
helps. The more content you make available on a regular basis the higher your
ranking goes.


A Perceptric, we have moved the Alexa score from 4.7 million
to almost 260,000 in exactly ten months of steady blogging.

So how much are you making Koltai?


Errr, nothing, this was an experiment. But an experiment
with interesting results.


Perceptric now have a hundred thousand page views per month.
If we had a product on each page that was being sold for a dollar, we would now
have a revenue of $3,000 per month.


If we increased our output to an impossible (for two dudes
to do, fulltime) 25 articles per day, our page rank would be in the top 5,000
and our page views would equal 15,000,000 per month giving us a net of $ 450,000 per month.


I think most artists could stop starving at that level.


Koltai, I’m a singer. Can I make 450K per month?


Yep. (And with the yep I am assuming that you can sing.) You
need to write about your singing efforts, the band that you sing with, your gigs
and what you want out of life at least five times a day for a year, and at the
same time post a new track or version of a popular song twice a week for the
same twelve months.


Koltai, I’m an amateur film-maker and I want to build up a
following. What do you suggest?


Simple – make lots of very short 3 minute movies. Funny, dramatic,
sardonic, endearing. Make the movies and post them on Youtube.

Reference where they came from. The users will come. And if
they don’t – give up on the film-making thing. But if they do, give them open
access to as much of your content as you can. The unedited bits, the edited
bits. The MP3’s of the voice-overs. etc etc.

And blog about each movie. Where the idea came from. How you
wrote the script. Put up the storyboard. Who was involved. Where the money came
from. And every so often thank the readers, viewers. It’s polite AND it’s well


As an up and coming artist, you are for the first year or
two interested in achieving only one result. Making content that people like
and making it available for free on the internet until the user numbers dictate
that you should start to charge for the content, or ancilliary products.


Ancilliary products?  Think
laterally. Let’s say you’re an author. You type your fingers to the bone each
day making sure the serialized free version of your latest masterpiece is
available every day for the readers to review, critique and provide feedback


If they like the content they will let their friends know
and your Alexa ratings will rise. So you’ve been doing this for ten months and
your Alexa ratings have got you into the top half million.


Time to sell a T-Shirt…..   


What does the T-Shirt say?


Well how about “I loved the Tom Book so much I brought the


How many stupid people would buy a T-shirt that said that?


Well, believe it or not, about 3%. Isn’t it amazing?


Some people believe they need to hire an SEO to get their
website traffic up. I shall not argue. But I have found that there are number
of things that you can do that are equally if not more effective.


For example, visit other sites become part of the community
and refer to your own site as an example of how cool you are.

On the bottom of each email that you send to anyone, plonk
your URL.

Update your twitter and Facebook status’ everytime you post
a new article, or song.


AND – try to keep the advertising off your site for as long
as you can afford to. The less advertising, the more attention you will garner
for the content.


Remember, getting rich out of click-thrus  is great if you’re a major search engine, but
bloody hard otherwise and the adverts detract from the reasons people came to
your suite – and that is to view, read, listen or watch your content – not to
be driven away to some site offering a free laptop of you just sign up for this

You don’t want them to win a free laptop. You want the
internet users to read and enjoy your content. Make them laugh, cry, curious,
angry and relieved. They will come back, over and over again.


That’s it. It’s easy to become an internet millionaire. As long as you have relevant content. You
just have to apply yourself and somehow survive the first and sometimes the
second year with no income.


Koltai, how do I know if my content is relevant.

Put it on the internet, follow the formulas above and wait.

If you havent made it to 10,000 page views per month by month six – maybe your content relevancy needs needs review.

Disclaimer: I am a client of GoDaddy. I have not discussed
this article with GoDaddy, nor have I asked or received any compensation from them
for this article.





According to a 2001 study, there were massively more than
550 billion documents on the Web, mostly in the invisible Web, or deep Web.[56]
A 2002 survey of 2,024 million Web pages[57]
determined that by far the most Web content was in English: 56.4%; next were
pages in German (7.7%), French (5.6%), and Japanese (4.9%). A more recent
study, which used Web searches in 75 different languages to sample the Web,
determined that there were over 11.5 billion Web pages in the publicly
indexable Web
as of the end of January 2005.[58]
As of March 2009[update], the indexable web contains at least
25.21 billion pages.[59]
On July 25, 2008, Google
software engineers Jesse Alpert and Nissan Hajaj announced that Google
had discovered one trillion unique URLs.[60]
As of May 2009[update], over 109.5 million websites operated.[61]
Of these 74% were commercial or other sites operating in the .com generic top-level domain.[61]

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