The Farmville Meme Takes on Big Music

We''ve enjoyed watching the growth of Farmville from nothing to the number one “Coolest Thing” on the internet.
OK – it's subjective – you might not like it – but nearly 50 million users do. Thats 2.5 times the population of Australia, 1/8 the population of the USA. So it's gotta be worth a mention.

The other day I blogged about Sony's Game division creating consternation and negative vibes throughout the world with the sheer volume of misdirection and bullshit they were promoting via direct and indirect web pages about the end of the world in less than two years and three months and counting… all for a couple measly million dollars for a movie that is bound to be a flop on the P2P networks. (Which we at Perceptric have found to have the uncanny ability, to predict which movies will exceed their opening weekend estimates and which ones will bomb.) I personally think that the Sony will suffer negative pushback for this movie – for being too commercial regardless of the economic, psychological and societal negative vibe consequences.

OK – back to Farmville and Big Music.

We have talked a number of times of the remix business as being intefral to new innovative content. Well here's the Farmville Rap.

Interesting and funny, but lets hope Shell, Texaco, IBM, Kyocera and others don't see this as a viable business model…….

Coz Advertising guys – it might work for Farmville – but my guess is – it aint gunna work so well for you guys…..

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