Politicians, Bus Drivers and Building Australia – Facebook Style.


All over the world, bankers, economists and Governments are watching the growth of Facebook with envy.
Imaging getting a hundred million new customers between April and September. Wow. Pretty good stuff.

Wouldnt it be great if we could grow the the country's economy the same way.

Well – the good news is – there is a way.

First the Government has to be able to get your attention.

When was the last time that you caught a bus or a train to
travel from destination A to Destination B and then upon reaching your
destination, asking the Bus, Train or Tram driver what their name was so that
you could look up their Facebook or Youtube page?


Oh, you never have?


So don’t you find it unusual that you were delivered safely
from A to B and no-one welcomed the event with a fanfare of trumpets?


Ahhh, well there’s the difference.


You’re probably not a politician (but if you are – please skip to “If I was the Prime Minister”).


Politicians don’t seem to realise that they are merely pro-tem
drivers of the country from destination A (when they’re elected) and
Destination B, when they’re un-elected.

(Granted, yes, a country is bigger than the Liverpool
express from Central – except for Lichtenstein and Nauru).


Politicians unfortunately seem to require every moment of their
lives to be featured on the news, quoted in magazines and newspapers.
Unfortunately, the public are choosing to ignore the mainstream media and are
electing to concentrate on internet alternatives.


Which is just as well as the media's editorial opinion (spin)
applied to some of their actions are not exactly designed to always show them
in a favourable light.


So several of our elected members have decided to go one on
one with the public via Facebook, Google and other non-media owned internet outlets.


But they don’t quite “Grok” the current Gen XYZ’ers – who are
far more interested in what the Prime Ministers Farmville score would be if he
played, than what was said during question time at 3:00
am this morning.




Because, just as passengers do not need to know the brake
horse-power of their chosen conveyance methodology, question time is the nitty
gritty of Government and way beyond the understanding of the average citizen.  Which I opine is exactly why lobbyists manage
to convince Prime Ministers to back their “questionable” bills.


And exactly why the public have a negative follow-up knee-jerk negative
reaction at the polls.


“But I was sure they would like that policy………….”


“Yes Minister. So did we at the ministry. All our internal
polls said that it would be popular.”

“Internal? You mean you didn’t ask the public?”


“Good God no,  Minister – we couldn’t ask the public. They
don’t know what’s good for them. We just always go with what the lobbyists tell
us that the public really want – after all Minister, it’s the lobbyists that advised their employerrs to donate all that money to your election campaign. So obviously they know what
the public want.”


Maybe what we need on the Internet is new Game….


If I was the Prime Minister

Written by the dedicated APH coders.


Congratulations, You have been elected as the Prime Minister
of Australia.

Your Treasurer, has just delivered a Budget allocating you
600 billion to spend over the next four years.




Buy Nuclear Submarines                                               
10,000 points

Increase Education spending                                          +5,000

Pass Copyright Laws that no-one Understands                 -10,000 points

Increase Nurses salaries                                                +5,000

Pass Legislation mandating that all doctors charge

Within the Medicare guidelines for short visit.                    +5000 points

Increase the army (to enable Australia
to assist

our northern neighbours in trouble in the future)                 +5000 points


Speed up the NBN rollout by five years by ignoring present

Telephone Companies lobbying for position.                     +20,000 points

Insist that all mineral exports be smelted into ingots          +50,000  points


Ahh, wouldn’t it be nice if Government was as simple as
playing game.

Then everyone would be genuinely interested in the score and
politicians wouldn’t have to wonder why no-one was reading their Facebook pages/Blogs/Youtube


Facebook is all about “Look at me aren’t I great?”


But usually only after a high score has been achieved.

The ribbons are issued for achievements – not talking about
agreeing to consider reaching an objective.  


And opposition members, this applies to you as well.

Very few Australians are actually “really” interested in “Me
too position paper on the same subject as what the Minister said”.


Yes it fills Newspapers and the evening news….. NEWSFLASH…..
Hardly anyone buys newspapers anymore and as for the evening news ? (Samo Samo –
ratings dropping 30% per year).


If you want the attention of the Australian people, turn
politics into a fun game.


BHP just won a contract for 100 million tones of Iron
Ore sales to Korea.

This will enable ship builders in Korea
to make three thousand times as much as what they are paying for the ore.


Do you:


A) Ship the ore to get a fast quick profit?                                           20

B) Change the rules so that the steel is smelted                            1000 points

     and formed in Australia?

C) Try to convince the Ship makers to open a plant in

for part of the construction?

     (By giving them a
thirty percent discount on the steel.)            50,000 points


In this way, at least Australians will understand what the
Government does and why it does it.  


Fairfax or News Limited had such a (budget analysis) game on their web site
earlier this year.

It is a shame that their version was designed as political criticism
rather than a tool to obtaining the engagement and attention of the next crop
of voters.


Yes, a game is a good idea. Each item in the game is
basically a mini referendum poll.

If the game becomes a set funnel for a pre-existing lobbied
target then I’m afraid Australians (who incidentally have a higher IQ than our
American friends) would see through the ruse.


Put it on Facebook and you never know – we might get the
whole world having a say in how to govern Australia.


Ahem – whisper whisper whisper……..


Sorry, what was that? We already have the whole world
telling us what to do?


No, that can’t be right – We’re Aussies. We make up our own
minds  – don’t we?

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