Facebook Debit/Credit Card – Must be Coming Soon.


Errata: It's been
pointed out to me that Facebook just passed the three hundred million user mark
and not the four hundred million. – Which obviously indicates early signs of
dementia perhaps, on my part. – Hat-tip to David Goldstein from Link.

In Australia,
the formation of a credit union can be organised with 500 members prepared to
each bank (let’s say) $2,000 in a pooled trust fund.

Most countries around the world have similar legislation.

All one needs is a loyal membership and a couple of dollars.
(Think frequent flyer miles.)


Now, lets see how we can give those four hundred million
Facebook members some dollars so they can open that credit union account.


Over the last couple of days, Chris Gilbey
and I have been mooting that the future of advertising on the Internet  will be sponsor and trademark identification
as opposed to infomercials or click-through ads.

If a Farmville player is buying Yates Tomato seeds every
time he plants a crop of Tomatoes, then he is being programmed as effectively
as watching television advertising.


The concept of seeing a brandname everytime you click versus
seeing it a few times on TV or on a billboard is vastly superior.
Especially if you are clicking 500 times in an hour.

Next time he wants to plant tomatoes, in the real world, he/she won't even think about it – “Can I have the Yates seeds please.”


The trick available to advertising sponsors of Facebook
applications is to pay the users to view the advertising through redeemable
application “points” or awards.


For example, lets stick with Tomatoes for the moment. For
every 100 crops of tomatoes that you plant, lets say you receive a Yates Tomato Growers
ribbon. Each Ribbon can be cashed in to Yates for $1.00.

The benefit to Yates?


Direct measurable advertising, complete with location,
marital, age and sex demographics.


Yates will be able to manage stock control through the
extremely accurate by the postcode cashback coupons.


Pay the users?


You’re a crackpot Koltai.


Well, perhaps I am, and perhaps I’m not.


Think of the savings to the “Brand only” Tradename advertiser:


No media buyer needed.

No Advertising company needed.

No Commercial Production house required.

No Graphics layout people to argue with.


But Koltai – How many times would the user select tomatoes
as his crop?


Well, tomatoes mature in eight hours.


That’s three crops a day.


A 20 x 20 farm (allowing space for some cows sheep, trees
and the little red barn) would optimally have around 300 “squares/plots” left
for cropping.


I’ve been playing Farmville for five weeks.


Here’s my Ribbons for crops….




So I have clicked my mouse an aggregate of 54,000 times to
produce the 31,874 crops.


And of course a third of those clicks could have had the
word Yates Tomatoes attached to the cursor as I planted my Yates Tomato seeds.


Koltai – what about Furniture – I sell beds.


Well Farmville has other categories, animals, trees,
buildings and collectible items like furniture, fencing, wine barrels, hay




But let’s be real for a moment. Not every advertiser will be
able to advertise inside Farmville. There are other games and other
applications. Pretty much with something to suit everyone.


So you’re recommending that everyone is issued with a
Facebook card.


Yes, if they want one – and why wouldn’t  they. The card would automatically become the
preferred payment methodology on the internet. Taking over from even Paypal.


So Koltai, micro-payments to the game players. How do we get
that back from them?


Ahhh. I’m so glad you asked. Well you could sell them stuff.
Like – Tomorrows essay due in at 9:00
can be had for only 2300 acres of Yates tomatoes planted in Farmville.


 I’m joking about the
essay, but essentially, the consumers on Facebook would like to:


Shop from home.

Earn money playing games.

Don’t watch much traditional media anymore.

Don’t seem to read a lot of newspapers.


All of this would tend to suggest that I am not so much
picking something out of the air but extrapolating the next logical growth of
the Internet.


At the moment, over five hundred million players are
spending hours in front of computers daily in a variety of Facebook

But Koltai, there are only four hundred million Facebook users…… Ahhh, yes, that would indicate that many of them play multiple games. (Like watching two sitcoms and a movie).

Apart from the revenue to Facebook of the click-throughs on
the right hand side of the screen,  there
doesn’t seem to be any advertising revenue for the app developers yet.


Sponsorship of game and app elements will change that –


Facebook Zynga Real Screen Division

Total Screen
Space   =   39 squares x 34





advertising = 8 x 30 squares





Advertising  =   3 x 29





Support and Self
Promotional Activities =  3 x 29





Game  =  24
x 29





Face book
Administrative   =   4 x 39   
(2 x 39)





Unused Space (Red)
= 2 x 30





To me it would seem that 400 million users being wasted on
just three click through adverts on the right hand side (albeit rotating); is a marketing and
money making concept just begging to be delivered.


And Koltai, what happens to the Facebook click-throughs?


Oh, they can stay. After all, Just from click throughs,
Facebook is realizing approximately 9-15 million per month. They need to pay
for the ever growing FB-CDN Network.


But this sponsorship advertising. That’s aimed at the
application developers.


Yes of course it is, but the cards? They can only be issued and
managed by Facebook.

Of course there’s more money (or at least there used to be)
in the float than almost any other business.




In other words if Gameplayers earn only $4.00 per month from
playing, that equals a 1.5 billion dollar float within twelve months.


And with the hardcore Gameplayers, banking 40, 60 80 dollars
per month?


Well, then we see something else. Then we see 25 billion.




Profitable business this click click thing.

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