Facebook the New Global Statesman.


The Lack of interpersonal politics on Facebook appears to
inspire peace and harmony.


It would appear that Facebook are achieving what all the
great statesmen have been unable to achieve.

That is, creating a Global level playing field whilst at the
same time apparently removing distrust and promoting “joy de verve”.


Farmville, the latest game from Zynga have created an
environment where lowering the secular barriers to privacy is rewarded by


The more neighbours you have, the quicker you can earn your
ribbons. The more ribbons you have – well I would say that the ribbons appear
to be a competitive measuring tool yet here is no annual (or monthly) Farm Show
where the populace can ooh and aah over your accomplishments.


However there are those horribly garish Facebook “updates”
from the game that are designed to show your fellow “friends” how well you are

So product promotion is co-joined with “arn’t I great?”






Farmville by it’s design has allowed me to double my
Facebook friends list.


I used to have 26 friends in my little secular Facebook
existence. These 26 “friends” took years to develop. These are people that I
like, trust and don’t feel concerned about associating with.


For example there are no lawyers in my list of friends,
(okay, there is one – but I knew her before she read for the bar.)

(There are however Mathematicians, Economists, Router Guru's and Geeks.)

Not that I dislike lawyers. It’s just they are more of a
work tool than a friend. Yes, I have a linked-in account and yes, I do have
lawyers on my Linked-in page. So Facebook is my social entree to the Internet
whilst Linked-in is my professional persona.


But have I made a mistake?


Professional status, success and eventual wealth comes from
the ability to ply ones trade amongst the highest possible number of
persons/customers/clients that are in a position to afford your rates.


Self marketing is achieved in various ways, it may be
through red wine consumption, (in select groups), It might be through
membership in organisations like Lions, Rotary or the Masons. Then again, it
can also come from the Alumni group from ones education. These are the
recognised and accepted methods of networking ones worth to build professional


After all, if you need an accountant, you are much more
likely to hire the drinking buddy or the Alumni member than a total stranger.


Of the 27 new “Farmville” originated Facebook friends, I
have connected in a minor way with three people, an intellectual connection
with two and a meaningful full blown new friendship with one. Person. These
people come from a number of countries and backgrounds.

People that I would not have met without the aid of Facebook
and Farmville.


Reid Hoffman, Director of Zynga and Chairman of LinkedIn is
obviously ahead of me here.


From the Zynga “About

is a prolific Web 2.0 investor who has built LinkedIn into the leading
professional networking site with 17 million active monthly users. Mark (CEO of
Zynga) and Reid have worked together since co-investing in Friendster in 2003.”


So what has Reid Hoffman (along with other Facebook
Application Developers)  achieved?


Possibly the best way to get your name before the most

The threat of ridicule keeps the content mostly sane
therefore Facebook is equally appropriate for young and old.


So Facebook appears to be the new Global Networking tool.


For Games

For Friendship

For World Peace.


And of course as the methodology to deliver a new Global

(Yep – you guessed it, that's another article on another day. But think Facebook credit card, sponsorhip money being translated into a real income from game play and you get close.)

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