Facebook Launches Twitter Killer


I used to run a BBS in the eighties. The famed KKK. Koltai's Kakadu Konnection.

The technology to run a BBS required many hours of
dedication and weeks of waiting for new widgets/gadgets, and hours waiting for the overnight UUCP email responses from technical support in the USA and England.


I used a combination of TBBS, SVR 5.2 Unix and BSD Tahoe to
provide amusement, a file library, email and interactive communications (users could
chat to one another directly).


Many incorrect (technical) paths were traveled down.

But the users provided the will to continue to provide the
service. After all, they would’nt stop ringing, even in a lightning storm.   


The biggest drawcard was Tom’s F3 key. The “kick user off
the BBS key”. The users knew that I had the power of the electro God over their
antics on the BBS and that I would wield that power if anyone swore in a public
forum or acted in a manner not in accordance with the rules of the BBS.

Quite often the users would PM (private message me) to say “Little Johnny is swearing again in the Game forum) so I would go and delete little Johnny.

Ten seconds later, little Johnny would realise he was disconnected and redial his modem…. and usually he would then beghave until he “thought” I wasnt around.


The F3 Key gave me the power to make the rules whatever I wanted them to be……..


And believe it or not, the users enjoyed me weilding the power. Funny thing, users – the urge to watch someone else get booted off the bulletin board was something that I used to marvel over.

Ah, the power of the media mogul was a heady rush….. ohh,
did I say media mogul? Sorry, I meant BBS Electro—GOD!




Today, four tools have completely replaced the 80’s BBS. Google,
Facebook, P2P/Rapidshare and IM (MSN/IRC/Yahoo Messenger).


I would include the Blogsphere, however, the growing
referrals on this blog are coming more and more from Facebook.


Every user has the same capability as the Sysops of the
early BBS days.

Every day I am sent referrals to literaly tens of articles that my “friends” consider worthwhile. 

Every user is a newscaster. A Publisher. A BBS Operator.
Everone has a “Kill User Key”.





The Temporary “Hide User or Application” Key or the more
permanent “Remove User Key”.


Anyone can publish their editorial opinion. And now, with a
new twitter killer (not quite but close) Facebook has the ability to spread a
new meme faster than “Greased Lightning”.


Here’s the CNN News Story from this morning…….


CNN – Facebook – Social Tagging.

video from CNN Video

The difference between Facebook and Twitter?

Hide or Remove versus Follow and Not Follow. An important distiction.

Hide @meme is a very powerful editorial button, which many a politician would have liked.
Now Stephen, this doesnt mean that you can Filter Facebook. No. You can't. OK ?

Why not? because it's a user choice and only useable and cvalid amongst the user joined interest groups and friends.

But doesnt Facebook make friends of everyone on the Internet?


Shhh. That's another



Koltai's Kakadu Konnection OzChat Linkup with the USA (1994)


Koltai (April 1996)


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