Death March Volume Slowly Increases on Big Media Internet Ship

I used to be a regular reader of the Australian Financial
Review, known affectionately in Australia
as the AFR.


The AFR put up their website in late 1994 – making sure they
didn’t miss the rush.


Today, I compared this blog site with the readership of the


So even though we don’t have millions looking at our pages
each day, the AFR appear to have even less. A lot less.


I wonder how much it costs to run the AFR web site for a
grand total of 21 daily readers.


And Fairfax is
not the only one with readership woes…..


Myspace appears to be to traveling in the inverse direction
to Facebook at an appropriately almost mirrored downward angle.


And as we previously reported, Facebook is only weeks away
from that coveted number one slot.


Uncle Rupert must be gnashing his teeth watching the Myspace
News Limited Internet Aircraft Carrier slowly sink beneath the waves.


That appears to be happening a lot to internet real estate that
big business take over. I guess an old experienced hand at the rudder doesn’t quite
cut the mustard anymore when it comes to the consumers opinion.


Second life started withering when companies like Telstra
moved in and created “Telstra Island.


I guess big business doesn’t get “it”.   And here we refer to the objective “it”
and not the acronomized “information technology” it.


So what is “it”?


“It” is the delivery of content without a media
moguls interpretation.

Without the commercial spin doctor’s embellishments.


“It” is the reason why Presidents and Prime Ministers
are now talking directly to the public without going through their “Press contacts”.


Even Presidents like to speak “plain speaking” without media


Actually especially Presidents.


Even the Turkish people have put up a Mecca
page facing towards Obama.


I guess that says volumes about the future potential of big
media. (Imagine a picture of a big thumb pointing downwards).


In other words, “it” is the flow of information
without censorship, commercialization or “spin”.


We like “it”.

Obama Likes “it”

Kevin Likes “it”

Do you like “it”


Someone should make “it” into a song…… uh huh uh huh!


Now we should all be safe and sound unless the “gang” buy

I think I’ll start a “Hands of Facebook big media….” Group.


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