Is Zynga loosing it’s Zing….. or are Farmville Croppers getting smarter?

I am deeply *enamoured/in awe of the adoption wave that Zynga
have created with their Farmville creation.


Of course, it helps if you have two million per month to
spend on click-through advertising – however, that is a separate topic.


Farmville is an excellent example of the concept of
innovation patenting.

Zynga took a popular meme, “Hobby Farms” at the peak of
market interest, (surivivalists, end of the world hysteria,) and created an
application that has managed to hold the interest for the most number of
players of any game (within the time period of 90 days) around the globe.


However, with a weak (currently – in my opinion) endgame, the
users attention would appear (at cursory examination) to be slipping.





With only two exceptions, Adam (who doesn’t really count –
because he’s a Geek – and I told him to play the game……J) and Gio who does count, my
neighbours appear to willing to spend less time farming their plots.


However, there is another way to read the data.


If the lag time on each transaction introduces 270% delay then
the resultant farming efficiency would also result in lower scoring.


We blogged about the time lag inefficiencies of Farmville


So are users leaving in droves? Or are they just tired of
waiting for the constant




Lets check the user stats for Farmville.







Well, I don’t know about you dear reader, but it appears to me
that growth is still there, very strong and continuing.


So what conclusion can I reach from the above two graphs?


Only one. Farmville users have implemented a voluntary code
of conservation by becoming very possibly the first self policed internet
ecologists – conserving bandwidth by planting longer growing crops.


In this age when industry has polluted our environment
beyond easy repair, anything that creates an ecological meme is an interesting study
in motivational technique.


In closing, I can’t help myself……

Google – Facebook is knocking

Hollywood –
Facebook is knocking

Music Industry – Facebook is knocking


So I wonder who will open the door first……

* It's the Queens' English – stop complaining – just because you Americans never learnt to spell……

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