The Hidden cost of File Sharing.


On playgrounds all over the world, kids are saying to each
other….  “If you like me, you’ll do it…. And
if you don’t do it, then I’ll know that you don’t really really like me and
then you can’t be in our gang.


Children don’t understand the concept of bribery or
corruption, but they do understand the concept of belonging to the biggest or
strongest or prettiest gang.


the Educator

All economists would agree with me that distribution of westernized
content is both educational and beneficial to the economy.


Governments realizing that the more educated the public
were, the higher would be their output, initiated the development and funding
of public libraries.  To enable the less financially able citizens
to read and learn for free.


So I’m curious, why now are Governments turning their back
on over two millennia of statistical wisdom in relation to other forms of


Can you imagine the outcry if suddenly, someone stood up and
said – Hey – I have an idea – Lets sue everyone that loans out books. Authors
are loosing millions because the public can read their works for free from
Government sponsored libraries.


Therefore all governments are Pirates. Hang draw and quarter
them, call in the National Guard …

Ooops, sorry, I got carried away with the emotion of it all.



Hollywood has
for 100 years been the consumer missionary.


The methodology, developed by the Holy
Mother Church in
the 1500’s (is extremely
) although slightly adapted from the churches version, is
still used today to disseminate vital propaganda to the heathen consumers.


Don’t buy local – buy American. American cars are bigger.
American cars are faster.

American cars are AMERICAN!

What more can I say. With that rational I will immediately
junk my one cylinder, electrically assisted hybrid car and buy a Hummer.


More jobs for the boys. Except – they’re the wrong boys –
they’re over there and the financial crunch is about to hit you below the waist

(Think seriously about buying a hybrid one cylinder Holden
or Ford next time you’re in the market. Please. Don’t worry if they haven’t made
one yet – tell them that you would’ve if they did and go and buy an Australian made
alternative green energy car.)


Our entire intellectual property system is based on money
being channeled to the United States.

None of the revenue from that American content is spent in Australia.
Think of the whole exercise as legalised money laundering.

Why is it legal?

Legislation my boy, it’s been legislated into legality.  

In an excellent story
comparing file sharing to prohibition
in the United states, Crosbie Fitch the author pointed out that the longer that
prohibition lasted the more speakeasies opened and at the time of its repeal,
there were an estimated 500,000 “clubs” throughout the United states doing a
roaring trade. (What the article doesn’t say is that Prohibition was enacted in
several countries copying America with an average of five years per country –
except for Hungary where it last four months – trust my ancestors to like their


In other words, the harder the Prohibitionists and Police
pushed, the more gin stills and speakeasies opened up in response.


This then brings us to the subject of the story. What is the
cost of that pushback in terms of the Australian economy?


What financial hoops, promises and Trade
does our Government have to entertain? What additional, non Westminster
justice system pressure, will our court system be placed under?

And what is the real cost to our law enforcement officials in
trying to comply with the constantly changing goal posts?


All to satisfy the requirements of continued cordial diplomatic
relations with the United States.


In other words, for every file downloaded, what percentage
of our GDP is utilized to try to prevent it? How much money is being spent on
reviewing and discussing legislation and enforcement practices that will not
add one penny to the bottom line of a single Australian?


I can’t answer those questions. I can say that whatever it
is – we need to spend that money on trying to stamp out a whole lot of other
social issues before we focus on the rather dubious crime of file sharing.


We could for example spend it on housing the 100,000
homeless that roam the Australian streets at night, or we could spend it on sending
all heroin addicts to a small uninhabited pacific atoll; either way it would
result in a vastly increased standard of living for the rest of us and huge
decrease in social services costs.


On the other hand, if we really wanted to kick start the
economy; we could reintroduce taxation incentives to produce more Australian relevant
content and flood the P2P networks with it, legitimately, thereby ensuring a
steady stream of tourists for years to come.


There are a lot of things we could do with the few billion
dollars (yep I said BILLION) that Australia
wastes every year kow-towing [pron: kauw-tauwing] to the American Political Gang.


But we won’t. Until “Prohibition” is repealed…. We will
continue to be that kid in the playground who wants to join the gang, with his
membership pending on just one more little thing…..

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