Freedom Or Freedom Of Speech

There are strong corporate interests that want to take away our freedom.

Masquerading as protecting freedom and democracy is a plan to corporatise the web and ensure that big content owners become the gatekeepers to content.

The following is a quote from a blog piece by Steve Lendeman that says it very succinctly – and not the last comment in this piece about creating public paranoia about child pornography in order to drive home the total control of the web. This is happening to us in Australia too….

The Canadian's” Mike Finch “North American Union (NAU) watch” reports
that US and Canadian organizations want to end free flow Internet
information. He cites an “net-neutrality activist group” discovery of
“plans for the demise of the free Internet by 2010 in Canada,” and by
2012 globally.

Canada's two largest ISPs, Bell Canada and
TELUS, are behind a scheme to limit browsing, block out sites, and
charge fees on most others as part of a 2012 “planned full (NAU)
launching.” Web host I Power's Reese Leysen called it “beyond
censorship: it is killing the biggest (ever) 'ecosystem' of free
expression and freedom of speech.” He cited big company inside sources
providing information on “exclusivity deals between ISPs and big
content providers (like TV studios and video game publishers) “to
decide which sites will be in the standard package offered customers,
leaving the rest of the Internet unreachable except for fees.”

called his source “100% reliable” and cited similar information from a
Dylan Pattyn Time magazine article, based on Bell Canada and TELUS
sources. Plans are for “only the top 100 – 200 sites making the cut in
the initial subscription package,” likely to include major news outlets
at the expense of smaller, alternative ones. “The Internet would become
a playground for billion-dollar content providers,” like cable TV
providers, unless efforts are made to stop it.

Leysen thinks US
and global ISPs have similar plans that include free speech
restrictions and privacy invasions. The stakes are high if he's right.
Yet the profit potential is huge and friendly governments may oblige.
Also involved are “deceptive marketing and fear tactics” (like citing
child pornography threats) to gain public approval for subscription
services masquerading as online safety. The time to stop it is now.

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