Strange Girl – Kate

Back in 1968 I was in London and was a guitarist and songwriter in a band called Kate.

We were signed to CBS Records.

Our first single was called “Strange Girl” and it was almost a hit. Got great reviews including Record of the Week in Melody Maker (thank you, Chris Welch) and got a reasonable amount of airplay.

But it wasn't a hit. So no cigar. We recorded a couple of other singles and had an abortive tour of Germany and then the band broke up. These things happen!

I am now writing a book about those times…

And I decided to google Strange Girl and Kate. I was totally blown away to find that the single had been on a compliation album of post psychedelic tracks from the UK from that era and to hear the song on a podcast from someone in the UK. Wonderful. Have a listen to it. It sounds pretty good!

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