Free TV, 33 ways.

“The folks at Mashale have posted a great list of 33 online video sites. They run the gamut from the ones you know, such as YouTube and Joost, to ones you might not know of. ” from .

33 Ways to Watch Free TV Online June 18, 2007 — 09:58 AM PDT — by Stan Schroeder

It’s time to toss the old tube to the dumpster. Well, not if you have one of those 47” plasma ones, but…you know what we mean. The future of media is the Internet, and television is no exception. Instead of browsing through the channels with your remote, you could be browsing through the free online TV providers on your computer – hell, if you like, you can watch them all at once (in really tiny windows). It’s time to reach out and see how much free online TV we can find…”

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