I had an opportunity to meet Guy KAWASAKI last week at an AMCHAM event in HK.


An Apple Fellow, and now MD at Garage Technology Ventures www.garage.com , Guy makes for a compelling funny and pithy speaker.


I got talking to him about VQUENCE and his main comment was show people what a vquence is and also – so when do you ship ?


He sent me a copy of his ppt. centered around his latest book ‘The Art of the Start’ and I managed to get a picture with him “advertising” VQUENCE.


In conclusion he told us to 'kick butt' and after reading our white paper said ” ..I could make the case that it's a very valuable service for people who are pushing out video. “


He also mentioned a neat company called iStockphoto.com which he is mentioning around on his travels – it's cool .

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