Tivo pulls itself togther

Tivo had a rocky start as a company. Great technology that not enough people used. But they're changing. Recognizing a world that wants to make entertainment and the Internet easier Tivo have pushed idea after idea that builds off fast broadband, wifi and the Tivo box. Personal photos, movies, podcasts, info, games etc etc.

Some things are still rough. Download from Amazon, view a movie and 24 hours later, the movie is deleted. Why? “Rights-holders demands” Tivo says. But wait. That's not the way people live. Two or three different in a house or family might watch at different times and different ways.

Tivo, moving fast some ways, needs to explain how the real world is today; if it is indeed “rights-holders”. Then their push to make the technology consumer friendly and in tune with the times will really gain the traction it deserves.

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