Time Warner wears out the customer. Me

Adelphia Cable got carved up when its founder whet to the slammer. Time Warner bought large parts of LA. They promised a lot. Today, on the phone, trying to resolve a bill, (naturally) we reached the bottom line. Theirs. A similar package to the previous one now seemed unexpectedly is now more expensive. Much.

“People with one tier and one premium package found us cheaper; Sir”

“But I have four premiums package ('the extreme') because the way you cut up the digital universe, I need to buy four tiers, to get the five or six channels I really want”

After an hour and a half; back, forward; discussion argument; case, counter case; money off here, overcharge there; it came down to this.

Being changed to Time Warner cost me at least 18 bucks more a month for an 138 dollars a month total. For television. On top there's a Tivo charge of 12 bucks a month or 150 smackers all up.  At least five dollars a day. Quite a lot, really.

It seems thebigness their promises was what it cost me. If nothing else, in my time and sanity.

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