Vquence Debuts

It's no surprise we like video. It's the future. So good news. Today we announce a heavyweight contender launching into the video arena. We know it remakes content on the web. Why? Chris Gilbey founded it with a very fine technology thinker, Silvia Pfeiffer.

The company went public today in Sydney and Santa Monica. Read the release. Remember the name.

remakes Internet Video

                            Video Startup

Australia/Santa Monica,Ca

Australian start up video search, socialization and advertising company,
Vquence, commences business today at the heart of the Internet hotspot, video,
promising to remake the web experience.

“The Internet is now driven by video. The
video quotient of any business or consumer communication: the VQ:is becoming the key factor of success” said
co-founder and CEO, Chris Gilbey,

“Vquence helps solve revenue problems for
content owners. We make finding videos easy for consumers. We hasten content

Vquence provides a one stop shop for
content owners to monetize video to consumers under one seamless umbrella.
Vquence has a patent pending for an instantaneous approach to clickable video.

“Vquence’s technology and business model
turn today’s video assets and costs into online reach and revenue. Consumers,
publishers and content owners are united by Vquence” Gilbey noted.

The basis of Vquence is a technology
leading video search engine. Users easily discover relevant video content. An
authoring toolset then permits easy creation of a playlist of thin sliced
videos (or ‘vquence’). The vquence is presented through a specialised video
player. This playlist will play in any Web page. Users can cut and paste the
code for their vquence into a blog or web page. Dynamic insertion by Vquence places
ads into the vquence, based on relevance.

“Vquence boosts social networks.” Gilbey said,
adding “Consumers find and aggregate video, then share it widely. They get
paid. Content creators and publishers are rewarded from embedded ads in the
vquences their communities share.

Initial seed funding to establish Vquence
came from Information City Australia Limited, a Melbourne innovation incubator.

“This changes the market dynamic.
Consumers become legitimate distributors of the video asset rather than
pirates. In contrast, old school DRM brakes distribution” Gilbey said,

“Vquence gives consumers the ability to
opt in or out of ads. Advertisers are getting smarter and making their messages
more personal. Passive consumers no longer exist. It’s a community driven
outlook now – with the emergence of almost a hive mind. The wisdom of crowds is
a powerful market force.”

Vquence was formed in July 2006 by Gilbey
and Dr Silvia Pfeiffer, a former CSIRO research scientist. Gilbey is a long
time entrepreneur in the content and technology arenas, a former CEO of Lake
Technology who consulted to Dolby Laboratories for two years on a global basis.

Dr Pfeiffer is a leading authority on
Digital Media Analysis. During a seven year stint at CSIRO she led the team
that developed Annodex, an open source platform for video distribution, and her
continuing research over the last decade has deepened industry’s understanding
of how to apply algorithms to analyse and mediate video content.

“Vquence takes the World Wide Web immeasurably
closer towards a Web of Videos, where people build communities around video
content published anywhere on the Web. But, uniquely, Vquence guarantees the
original content owner will not lose an audience or their content.” Dr Pfeiffer

“Video is the centre of the internet’s
next big leap forward. Vquence will be one of the key accelerators.” Pfeiffer

The Vquence R&D team is
internationally spread and headquartered in Sydney. The company expects to
announce a slate of initial customers that includes media and content companies
in both the US and Australia.

“Vquence lets consumers click through video
and go beyond. Previously, all you could do was click to a video. Vquence is
transformational. Vquence gives media
publishers the powerful tools of comprehensive, easy search of all their video assets,
and then super-distribution.” Dr Pfeiffer concluded.

About Vquence. Vquence is a video search,
socialization, and advertising company that has a comprehensive model of monetizing
video for content owners to consumers. Demonstrations of the technology are
being conducted under NDA. The Vquence website has more information on the
company. www.vquence.com. The company has offices in Sydney Australia and Santa
Monica Ca.

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