I try to visit Seth Godin't page regularly to see what new customer service or corporate problem he has uncovered….

This piece about the Sheepwalkers amongst us hit home for me. Sounded awfully like a company that I did work for recently (and a few more that I have seen over the years!)… Those from that company who still read this blog will surely recognize the symptoms….

It is pretty easy, really. We just have to remember that it is all about the customer. The problem is that some of us think that our boss is the customer. Just running around pleasing the boss may give you a sun-tanned nose, but it doesn't help if your boss is misguided or just plain dumb. The customer is always the person who stands at the end of the whole line and pays hard cash for the service, the widget, the product… If he or she stop paying the gravy train ends. There are a lot of companies that continue (fortunately for their shareholders) to sit under a waterfall of revenue that is a legacy from the smart energetic people that went before.

But that waterfall of previous revenues is no guarantee of revenues to come. Unless you get very relevant and important and positively viewed to that end user, end customer who sits at the end of the chain.

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