Media Invades The Blogoshere

Have you noticed recently how media – and by that I mean movies – is invading the blogoshpere?

Whereever I go on the web there is a new proliferation of embedded movies. Go to the Fred Wilson blog and movies are everywhere – underpinning an argument, sharing some humour….

Here too.

The ability for people to share media is changing again the way the web works, and the way that people respond.

It is very early days in this quiet revolution of ideas at the moment. But there is a wave front building that is going to be enormous. Communication via images rather than via text is coming down the road like a Mac truck.

And this will be the thing that is the great change maker.

Look at this interview with Doug Rokke about Depleted Uranium. You probably haven't even heard of the the term, and it is now the web where you will find this sort of information. And it is the embedding of material into websites and blogs that is going to spread information. And soon onto mobile phones too…

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