More on Google – You Tube

Here is a  very interesting piece at Venture Beat on what this deal means for the big players.

Google has become so big, with advertisers willing to pay such a
premium to place ads on the search engine, that a virtuous “network
effect” has finally pushed Google out of their reach. EBay did it with
auctions. YouTube enjoys the same effect — people flock to post videos
there because they know it has the most users, and they want their
videos to be seen by the most people. The biggest player wins. With the
“two kings” (GooTube) together, there’s no stopping it. The concessions
from Google’s competitors are eye-opening.

In effect what this suggests is that this purchase effectively creates the new primary standard for a network. Goodbye ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC. Hello to the new world of GooTube.

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