Murdoch vs Redstone

Interesting story at GigaOm speculating about the 'war between the titans' – between Murdoch and Sumner Redstone…. and that Murdoch buying MySpace was as much about this as anything else.

I think it makes for an interesting conspiracy theory, but at the end of the day, I think Rupert is more about occupying all the strategic space that he can at all times than worrying about beating MTV….

But then on the other hand…. its definitely an interesting take….

Here is a snippet:

“So if Redstone wants to beat Murdoch, he needs to be counterintuitive
to his old media roots and align his corporate resources with the
natural grain of the Internet. To such ends, he needs to unlock his
video vaults and lead the market of MySpace competitors by giving each
and every one a knife to fight with. But even more important, Redstone
needs to understand that he doesn’t need to spend billions in
acquisitions for this next round… he already has all the assets he
needs to win. What he needs is the right leadership born with the DNA
and the foresight to build a socially integrated media empire.

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