Context Is King

I just finished reading The Long Tail, Chris Anderson's book. I have been following Chris's blog throughout the writing and have made a few comments, and offered a few concepts. One seems to have been picked up – the notion of Context is King. It is an excellent book….

People keep talking about content being king. And though that may have been in some distant part of the past there has been a growing unreported move to context. This is not to dismis the value of the underlying content. But as convergence becomes more present, it is the context that is driving value.

Mashups are about context. The ironic juxtaposition of George Bush's voice samples in John Lennon's Imagine, the way that the cross faded tracks in a Buddha Bar CD are enhanced in value by the creation of the mood generated by the overall CD…. the need to create a quite different production ethos when producing content for a mobile device with a micro screen…. these all mark the evolution away from content along being in prime position in taking up that rarest of commodities in our lives, our discretionary waking time.

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