Getting Start Ups Funded And Away.

Read an interesting piece at the A VC blog referencing an essay by Paul Graham

The essay hypothesises the best geographies for start-ups, why Silicon Valley is so important, why a number of other places are not – quite an interesting take. Does it make sense is the question.

Here is the challenge for those of us in Australia that are involved in start ups: An investment community that by and large likes to invest in things that it is familiar with. And on the other side of this argument, a lot of the novel hi-tech things that are developed here tend to attract capital at a time when in Silicon Valley the market has already invested and then moved on…. or the IP is tied up in a university or worse still, the CSIRO, both of whom think that they understand commercialization without understanding that in order to commercialize you need to understand and appreciate some fundamentals about sales and marketing first. Unfortunately in Australian academia these are not well valued skills.

Consequently we find ourselves in a position where to get quality of funding and investment we need to seek partners, investors and even domiciles in other countries… Having said that, I still want to continue living in Australia and finding ways to do business globally… and so do an ever increasing number of people that I meet.

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