Media…. What's the Diff?

What is the difference between media?

Newpapers, TV, Radio…. they are all now the same thanks to the
Internet. Now the people who control the things that we read are
ourselves. And granted, the lack of change by many is because of
inertia (as Seth Godin blogs about so well here).
But what is amazing is that so many of the media companies have still
not figured it out. Why don't newpaper journalists carry a digital
camera with them so that they can shoot video of the people they are
interviewing at the scene of the event that they are going to write
about in tomorrow's newspaper? Why do you still see little tape
recorders with radio station call signs on them in TV news interviews
with politicians? Why aren't they all just shooting footage of
everything so that they can blog about it, sell the footage to others,
or just add value to their websites?

And why do the TV channels not put masses of footage on their websites
to encourage me to visit them. I can't remember the last time I visited
a TV station web site….. Seems like this is an area where newspapers
really might have an opportunity…. Why not have serialized books at
newspapers' web sites, along with resources for students to do projects
by getting alignment with school curricula? Etc….

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