The Big Snapple. Brand Mash

Mash-ups? We love'em at Perceptric. They're Fun. Hip. Today. A big part of what's driving our cultures and economy's forward. We've highlighted music mash, George Bush singing John Lennon. DYI mash. Future mash. Local mash using things like google maps, craigslist, whatever.

Now we premiere;  Brand Mash.

We asked Perceptric Design to put together cool ideas, cool looks, cool companies. “Give us something which would be a new” we said. New idea. New look. New meaning.

Roxy Gilbey, our talented Perceptric Design guru (Roxy did our masthead logo. Cool isn't it?) came up with The Big Snapple inside a couple of  minutes. Sony. Apple. Together? Well, yes. I mean, AOL and Microsoft? 

But get used to it. This is the future arriving. Bits and pieces of companies, video from here, audio from there; data and ideas from everywhere; all being crunched and cramped and crimped; talking to each other and producing something new.

And Brand names?  Leading the packs within no time at all. We're just ahead of the game. For today.


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