It's All In Your Head

Paul Lehrman's “Insider Audio”  column in the November '05 issue
of Mix  magazine has some keen insights into iPods and podcasting
technology.  In particular he asks why more people aren't creating
podcasts using binaural mic'ing, which gives the listener a much more
realistic, “being there,” experience.  It's a natural technology
for this medium, given that most people listen to podcasts with
earbuds/headphones; just about the only way to guarantee that
a listener gets the binaural affect.  Check it out at Mix online.

By the way, there are many low- and high-priced binaural mics available.  (Do a Web search on “binaural microphones” and
revel in the results.)  Personally, I use the Soundman OKM series.
They fit right in the ears (like earbuds); perfect for recording
inconspicuously and priced at around US$ 100.00.

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