The Official Perceptric Launch.


Sydney; Los Angeles

Immediate Media release

3 November 2005

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Influence Marketing Company Launched.


Perceptric, a new international Strategy and Influence marketing company has been launched in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Sydney, Los Angeles, and shortly Tokyo, to work with companies in the United States, Australia and the North Asia areas.


Perceptric is headed by founders, Chris Gilbey in Sydney and Richard McKinnon in Los Angeles.


Perceptric’s clients are involved in the technology, entertainment, ecommerce, and manufacturing areas. The company has already been retained by a major global technology company to advise on new business initiatives in Korea, Japan, and China and consumer marketing in the United States.


Blogs, pods and wikis are already having a huge impact on every business and every market” Gilbey argues “Our expertise is putting a focus on people. People deliberate about various business models – B2C and B2B etc. We remember that P2P is P2P; Person to Person.”


Gilbey, former CEO of Lake Technology is a veteran leader in content and technology industries. (including BMG and BigFatRadio). In Australia, McKinnon previously led his own strategic marketing company with clients including Multiplex, AGL, Federal, and State Governments.(NSW, Victoria, others)  In the United States, McKinnon has advised major technology and ecommerce companies on strategy and marketing, including Cheaptickets, Conductus, XDrive, and eJets.


“We’re at the threshold of the most radical realignment of business process and consumer power ever seen” says McKinnon. “Communication, market, media, digital process, and strategic landscape change today is enormous. The digital world is driving everything. The internet has matured and web 2.0 companies and ideas are now releasing the power of collaboration.”


Perceptric defines Influence Marketing as a logical extension of strategy and marketing.


“Perceptric’s mission is to help companies and people reach their goals; exceed their expectations. In practise, this usually means taking a counterintuitive path” notes Gilbey adding “Most companies don’t know how to deal with the changing dynamic of customer power. There is a wave coming. You either surf it, or get swept away by it. We position companies to surf in.”


With a focus on areas where the first tectonic shifts of change are taking place, the Perceptric company website is built entirely as a blog; That’s a change Perceptric is advising every company to implement immediately.


“Intimate conversations between companies and markets are accelerating. Every company has to answer a binary question – Do they ignore what is being said about them, or tell their side of the story. The only way to be in the conversation is to use the tools – pods, vlogs, and blogs. Marketing and customer relationships experience deep change because it true transparency emerges.” Gilbey explains.


 “As a company we’re working with clients in the United States, Asia, and Australia, to maximize opportunities. Companies whose executives’ ‘get it’ will grow in this new collaborative community. The rest won’t” McKinnon concludes.


Further Information;


Chris Gilbey,

Sydney +61 (0) 414 223 763; (US) +1 (415) 516 7618


Richard McKinnon,

Los Angeles +1 (310) 403 1505 (Aust)+61 (0) 421 103 621

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