The next step for Blogging -business.

The fourth and most important profound phase of blogging is just getting underway. Not to be missed its the commercial and business process blogging.

Blogging's three phases, says The Blog Herald are the geek, the extrovert, and the 3G. 3G, todays they announce is the broad-base consumer blogging phase. As a result, they think geek bloggers are in decline. But that's not accurate.

Rather, the geeks, who once lead the innovation, are being joined by millions more, so that their voices are being engulfed. They're just not as important or valued the way they were. Most new consumers just blog for ego or some personal reasons; ie, travel record, sailing club, chess outing, whatever.

Problogger just announced he made six figures from professional blogging this past year. He's selling the picks and shovels of this revolution; How to blog. How to make money out of a personal blog. He's part of the consumer driven blogging.That's shaping the way society thinks and gets information.

But now comes the integration of blogs deeply into business. And the process of commercial creation.

Subscription blog. Say 1000 people pay ten/a hundred/ whatever bucks a week for fresh always updated insights. This tennis site versus that one. One a pay for play, the other ad supported.

People/project focused business blog. We all work on a project together, side by side, nationally, globally, recording our views adding comments, shaping and understanding each other, inputting in real time. Adding video, pods, pictures graphs, links out, snippets of info all shaping a single project.

The process blog. A patient enters a hospital. The RFID tag on his arm records key moments in activity; time in, and time out, of surgery, of scans, of care situations; doctors and nurses input comments and info; drug and vital signs are inputted using the armband's computerized tag, scanners and wireless PDA's. Net result. Full personal patient record. Automatically checkable against standardized norms of medicine and cost, with that information available by database and accessed automatically to be noted into the blog. Hopefully, leading to better medicine and better cost control. 

Marketing blog. Companies add blogging to their communication elements as part of their approach to the market. Peter Jackson has this down pat. Blogging creating one on one interaction between company and consumer. Between company and markets. Company and retailer. Driving the buzz.

Company Blog. Company leaders using blogs to explain and detail, how and why, they are running the company a certain way. Taking the immediate feedback the blog provides. Probably, better than walk around leadership styles. Quicker, truer and tougher.

The uses are endless. The biggest barrier to widespread commercial introduction is the sense, blogging is for geeks, hippies and the kids down the street. Blogs have been read by just 5 or 6% of the internet era crowd. Numbers, podcasting or using RSS are infinitesimal.

But Microsoft and others are about to change that.

And then the revolution really begins. The prizes going to the companies smartest and quickest at integrating blogging into their corporate culture and process. 

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